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  • Giant Leap #1

    Marvel at God's Astonishing Investment Plan

    When our congregations understand the biblical principles, the income will soar and we can confidently embark on the most ambitious projects – with God.


    A powerful and most reassuring PowerPoint presentation that you may share with your church.

  • Giant Leap #2

    Discover the Keys to Financial Freedom

    People everywhere are struggling financially. Could this be because people everywhere have forgotten the universal keys to financial freedom?


    A brief, spiritual and most convincing TEDx Video.

  • Giant Leap #3

    Put God to the Test and Turbocharge Your Life

    When we use the keys and we understand the principles we may confidently put God to the test – and we can always depend on His faithfulness.


    Tens of thousands of people are supporting this most worthy project. We invite you to join us?

  • Giant Leap #4

    Share these Vital Truths and Impact Your World

    A handy viral outreach portal that will enable you to reach out to others by giving them opportunities to be a blessing to their friends and family.


    A web utility that allows you to share with others in a most convenient and challenging way.

  • Giant Leap #5

    Now Reinforce Your Understanding

    Finally, we enthusiastically refer you to chapter 19 and then to chapter 10 of the free E-book by Neville Mandy - Finding Peace in a Troubled World.


    This deeply spiritual book should be read by all who are longing for a closer walk with God.